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November 29, 2011

Kenyatta university library catalog is online (OPAC). This mean that one can access it from anywhere as so long as he is connected to the internet. This is of course a big step from they card catalogs which we used to use in the yesteryears where the catalog could only be accessed from one location (where the card catalogs are physically located).

The catalog:

  • Enables you to tell whether a given information material is stocked by the library
  • If available, is it in the short loan or in the general collection
  • It also lets you know whether there are copies on the shelves or the available copies have been borrowed
  • Above all its tells you where in the shelves the given book is located. This is by letting you know the books call number. The call number of the book will be enclosed in square brackets within the search results.

The following are the steps in accessing our catalog.

  1. Double click on Mozilla Firefox
  2. By default it should open the library catalog (if it doesn’t go to step 3)
  3. Double click on Mozilla Firefox address bar
  4. Type (library catalog URL) and press enter
  5. The resulting page is the library catalog from where you can access call numbers of information material
  6. On the search bar enter either the author, title or subject and click ‘go’.
  7. Call number is the number is the number enclosed in square brackets, ‘[Call Number]’ from the result of your search


  • From step 4 above, click on the link ‘PAST EXAMS’

  • On the resultant window, choose your school
  • From the resulting search window window type in either the course title or course code then press ‘BEGIN SEARCH’
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